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Bogachev R.

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine.
PhD in Philosophy, Associate professor, Department of Philosophy



Simulacrum of the process for the formation of the decent man in the decent society

P. 3-11.

Bibl.: 21 ref.

Abstract: On the basis of characteristics of modern society we have opened a process for the formation of The Decent Man in The Decent Society. The Man's role is a role of the subject of historical process. Hereinafter author has grounded the role of the Decent Man in resolving contradictions, conflicts and problems of social development.

The author outlines the directions of forming the methodological foundations and the methodological framework, the mechanisms of the stimulating the civilization to use the matrix of the «other-possible» as a source of practical detonation of the society’s transformation. This determines the appropriate range of issues of the social life’s humanization and the mechanisms of the social problems’ decisions at all levels of the governance.

Proposed methodology allows to make use of the simulacrum’s mechanisms for facilitating or slowing the processes of social development. Author has studied the irrational simulacrum under the influence of biologism, subjectivity and solidarity.

Theoretical basis and methods of overcoming of the irrational simulacrums are used to determine the basis for constructing a new matrix «other-possible». It’s the creative approach to form really hu-manistic direction of: forming of the ideal base for the material and new primary relationship – subject-to-subject relations; attraction to perfection in the mode of the co-creation and in the coordinates of utility-goodness-beauty-truth. The result is a deploy of new formats of world’s outlooks, worldviews and ideologies. There’re based on subject-to-subject and later – on subjects’-to-subjects’ real human relationships and interactions in The Decent Society. The author has defined attributes of freedom for everyone, for many and for all of the people. New principles may be used for rebuilding of relations and for reorganization of societies’ life. This is what needs further studying, providing and practical implementation.

The article emphasizes the need to strengthen national unity and identity of the Ukrainians, form national identity. It substantiates the leading role of liberal arts education in the process of protection against negative impacts of information and formation of critical thinking. It is alleged that training of the harmoniously developed, patriotic and socially responsible individual who is able to resist destructive influences of information shall be a priority of the state humanitarian policy which has to include comprehensive measures, particularly in the educational, cultural, scientific and information fields.

Keywords: Dialectics; peace-building potential of the «another opportunity»; humanism

Reference: Bogachev R. (2015). Simulacrum of the process for the formation of the decent man in the decent society. Visnyk Of National Technical University Of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics, 2 (44), 3-11.

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