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Iryna Pokulyta

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine.
PhD in Philosophy, Associate professor, Department of Philosophy



Visual metaphors of culture in visual-semantic segment of media communication

P. 74-80.

Bibl.: 15 ref.

Abstract: Visual metaphors of optical focus in media culture occupy an important place in conceptual organization of communication segment of society. In this article the question of methodological approaches to understanding of a metaphor in the context of linguistic and cultural theories is raised. We also consider traditional principles of study of a trope and it focus on scientific quests of XX - XXI centuries, that significantly changed the status of metaphor as a research problem, referring to its importance as a resource of cognitive thinking and sense of maintaining the integrity and continuity in culture. Since the purpose of the article is to highlight the role of visual metaphors in shaping the meanings of media culture, the sequence of steps to achieve the goal lay in understanding of the phenomenon of cognitive capacity (J. Lakoff and M. Johnson, A. Svtrepo) regarding phenomenological aspect of the complex elements that in simulation meaning play a translation function (P. Ricoeur, A. Richards), and specificity of visual metaphors, iconic characters, fundamentals of visual thinking and Optical Communication (L. Bolshakov, OA Pushonkova). The results allowed researchers to systematize achievements in three vectors of problem. First of all, it emphasizes dynamics of visual metaphors having associative intentions of sense design; secondly, plastic image and iconographic code as semantic-symbolic elements of textual polysemy communication were considered. Thirdly, the system of visual thinking, which develops optical prospects in the actualization of metaphors in contemporary culture, has been singled out. According to these concepts, the trend of visual metaphor of optical senses in media communication was analyzed.

Keywords: visual metaphor; visual thinking; iconic sign; iconographic code; optical communication; media communication

Reference: Pokulyta I. (2015). Visual metaphors of culture in visual-semantic segment of media communication. Visnyk Of National Technical University Of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics, 2 (44), 74-80.

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