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Maryna Prepotenska

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute», Kyiv, Ukraine.
PhD in Philosophy, Associate professor, Department of Philosophy



Offinstitutional dialogue in urban space : cafe-filo

P. 81-88.

Bibl.: 33 ref.

Abstract: The problem of man, his nature and being belongs to the fundamental philosophical problems. Modern researches are mainly focused on knowledge of human capabilities to develop various means of influence. Therefore, among many global problems of modernity a special place belongs to the problem of preserving biological basis of man.

The article substantiates the view that practical application and implementation of science of life requires a deep philosophical reflection of anthropological and genetic researches. The importance of such studies is conditioned primarily by the fact that the person in these studies serves as a subject and as an object. The most difficult, but necessary is to establish the real reasonable limits of practical implementation of modern anthropology and genetics possibilities.

The attention is focused on the epochal discovery in the field of genetics, and on the latest methods and means of diagnosis, which are leading to rethinking of traditional philosophical questions, because it is a direct interference into the biological nature of man, which leads to a change of the way of human existence in the world.

It is concluded that the achievements of modern anthropology and genetics actualize the issue of distinguishing technologies that lead to the improvement of human life, and technologies that threaten human dignity. Modern development of anthropology and genetics requires development of a new style of thinking based on the principles of integrity, complexity and humanity.

Keywords: cafe-philo; kafe-filo; practical philosophy; city location; offinstitutional philosophical dialogue; the algorithms of philosophical dialogue

Reference: Prepotenska M. (2015). Offinstitutional dialogue in urban space : cafe-filo. Visnyk Of National Technical University Of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics, 2 (44), 81-88.

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