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Sergey Forkosh

PhD in Philosophy



Studies of culture field: phenomenological and methodological aspects

P. 105-109.

Bibl.: 6 ref.

Abstract: It is shown that in the current research programs, aimed at both culture as a whole and to individ-ual cultural phenomena, two characteristics were found which define their methodological one-sidedness. The first is the lack or insufficiency of research aimed at the involve of culture or defining elements in ontological perspective. We are not talking only about the need to define culture clearly, but rather on determining its existential status. It is not important what version of the ontology we are talking about, it is important that there are studies of this kind. The second feature is directly linked to the first; it lies in the fact that the most of the research methods of culture are arbitrary and based only on a set of documented empirical data. Such methods may only serve specific local goals, but will never lead to an understanding of the essence of culture. Therefore, only in the unity of two re-search strategies concrete phenomenological and aimed at identifying the essence of culture as such we can perhaps achieve the required level of heuristic methods in the study of culture.

A classic example of such a methodological unity in the study of culture, which are fixed as the methodological principles of research culture in all its diversity and, – on the basis of the critical phi-losophy of Kant - an understanding of the philosophical foundations of its essence (the possibility of which, however, depended on the criticism of a priori abilities) was a philosophical project of E. Cassirer. Current research culture immeasurably enriched the understanding of specific aspects of its manifestations, but added little to the understanding of its essence.

Keywords: contseptyality, culturecreativity, methodology, postmodern

Reference: Forkosh S. (2015). Studies of culture field: phenomenological and methodological aspects. Visnyk Of National Technical University Of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics, 2 (44), 105-109.

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