Bulletin of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics


Aim of the journal. The Journal aims to publish the scientific works by Ukrainian and foreign scientists in the field of Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogics in higher education. In contemporary society the important mission of technical universities is to train socially responsible specialists in engineering, who are capable to work at overcoming the crisis phenomena in a society and providing safe development of science and technics. The Journal purpose is to share the results of the scientific research directed in studying of philosophical and methodological bases, psychological and pedagogical conditions and features of new methods and technologies implemantation for such specialists’ training.
Scope. The Journal contains (1) the most important reports presented at the international and Ukrainian-wide meetings, conferences, seminars; (2) articles that describe teoretical and methodological bases or practical approaches concerning the engineer’s personality development in the space of the higher technical education; (3) results of empirical research in the field of Psychology and Pedagogics in higher education. Special issues of the Journal can be devoted to themes of particular interest in Philosophy, Psychology or Pedagogics in higher education. The Journal is a scientific forum for discussion and debates of issues in both theoretical and applied research between researchers and practioners.
Publication, and orders, and Journal enquiries: Journal "Bulletin of National Technical University of Ukraine «Кyiv Polytechnic Institute». Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogics". For 2013, 3 issues are scheduled for publication. The Journal can be ordered  in advance or it can be bought in the shop of Publishing House "Politechnika".
Branches of edition of the Journal:
Kiev: Department of Sociology and Law, National Technical University of Ukraine «Кyiv Polytechnic Institute»,
Building 7, Of. 117, Prospekt Peremogy 37; 03056 Kiev, Ukraine.
Phone/fax: +38(044) 406-84-53. E-mail:
Author enquiries: Material submission is carried out personally, and also by regular mail or by e-mail. Selection of materials for the publication is spent on a competitive basis. For enquiries relating to the submission of articles please visit this journal's homepage at (in Ukrainian).